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Patamon ~ c: by AquaPatamon
by AquaPatamon

Nice:D Another version of Chibi Patamon^^ Since I'm like Patamon, Well just I want to say THIS IS A AWESOME ART I EVER SEEN!!! The most ...

OC Digimon - Ninjemon by AquaPatamon
by AquaPatamon

Cutey:3 It's reminds me to Gatomon but this one is very great one. Nice composition of color blue and white. She is a ninja digimon??? ...




AJH (Archimedes) by DarkFox98
AJH (Archimedes)
Name: Archimedes (Archie)
Age: 18 
Gender: Female 
Birthday: October 31th 
Species(#133): Eevee (Shiny)
Nature: Careful
Characteristic: Quick to Flee 

Ability: Run Away
  • Quick Attack :iconnormaltypeplz:
  • Bite :icondarktypeplz:
  • Refresh :iconnormaltypeplz:
  • Charm :iconfairytypeplz:
+ Charming
+ Helpful
- Reckless
- Emotional

History: TBA

Grade: 10th Grade
  • Poetry
  • Geometry
  • Anatomy
  • World History
  • Drama
  • German
  • Journalism
Club: Music Club 
Sport: Karate

- Loves to sing some musical songs  
- Every first month each year, she likes to sing first month song
- Sometimes she help his father at infirmary.

"Prepare for your examination"

Dream Job: Doctor/Nurse

Fav Musical Song:…;

Elliana noticing that there’s a show that would be held at Crelixis, wanted to be the part of the show, the quilava decided to meet the Kirlia. Meanwhile the furfrou drunk knight is working with the stage, “Crap! I though I should perform the show! Turns out that I’m gonna build the stage?!” He said with grumps. “Hey! Focus! Or you’ll destroy the stage!” The female Roserade replies.

Elliana finally doing some spell for the Kirlia, “How is it?” She ask her, “This is great! I’m never saw this spell before.” The Kirlia replies with smiles. “So tell me, where those spell came from?” The Kirlia ask her, “Friend of mine told me.” Elliana replies with smiles, “Anyways, my name is Marly.” She introduce  herself, “I’m Elliana.” She replies with smiles.

“There...all done.” He replies, “Well done, furfrou. You did your great job!” She replies with smiles, “Your welcome.” He replies with smiles, “What’s your name anyway?” She ask him, “Marcus.” He replies, “Wow! Such a nice name, I’m Ruby, nice to meet you.” She replies with smiles, “It’s nice to meet you too.” Marcus replies.
TCE (Making a great show)
I'm doing this quick because I'm gonna outside town tomorrow.

For :iconthe-crelixis-empire:
Mia's Modified Shotgun by DarkFox98
Mia's Modified Shotgun
Mia's old shotgun that already modified by Rai's father

The Shotgun is the default primary weapon for the Mia. It is a pump action-style sawed-off shotgun.
The weapon fires 10 pellets at a time every 0.6 seconds and can deliver high damage at close range, but has a high damage falloff over distance. 
As the Mia's most powerful weapon, players will use it primarily for defending buildings from nearby attackers, checking suspicious tanukis, or for helping a low-level Sentry Gun finish off an enemy.

For :icontanuki-legacy:
Mia's Dispenser by DarkFox98
Mia's Dispenser
The Dispenser, also known as the Dispense-O-Matic 9000 Tanukivision Dispenser, is a building that can be constructed by an Engineer using the Build Tool. The pink colored device is a sort of gas station pump with various supplies inside and a CRT screen with a gauge.

While operational, a Dispenser provides an endless source of health and ammo to all nearby tanukis on the owner's team, in addition to generating and supplying a limited but regenerating supply of metal to Mia or friendly Engineers. A single Dispenser can heal multiple tanukis at once, lowering the burden of friendly Medics, especially if many teammates are on fire or there are more important classes to heal. Dispensers are also more effective at keeping weapons restocked than any ammo pickup, which reduces teammates' to depend on health and ammo kits on them, resulting in Engineers having more metal to build and upgrade their buildings. However, Dispensers themselves are defenseless and take considerable effort to build up to full power. If a team can defend their Dispensers adequately, they form an anchor to the team's hold on an area.

:bulletblack:Level 1 Dispenser
Health: 150
- Health: 10/second
- Ammo: 20%/second
- Metal: 40/5 seconds

:bulletblack:Level 2 Dispenser
Health: 180
 Health: 15/second
- Ammo: 30%/second
- Metal: 50/5 seconds

:bulletblack:Level 3 Dispenser
Health: 216
- Health: 20/second
- Ammo: 40%/second
- Metal: 60/5 seconds

For :icontanuki-legacy:
Mia's Sentry by DarkFox98
Mia's Sentry
Mia provides some sentry which created by herself for better war equipment

:bulletblack:Level 1 Sentry
Weaponary: Single barrel machine gun
Without Wrangler shielding: 150

With Wrangler shielding: 450

Damage: Damage: 16

Shots per second

  • Without Wrangler: 4
  • With Wrangler: 8

Average DPS

  • Without Wrangler: 64
  • With Wrangler: 128
Ammo: 150 rounds

:bulletblack:Level 2 Sentry
Twin-mounted Gatling guns
Without Wrangler shielding: 180

With Wrangler shielding: 540

Damage: Damage: 16

Shots per second

  • Without Wrangler: 8
  • With Wrangler: 16

Average DPS

  • Without Wrangler: 128
  • With Wrangler: 256
:bulletblack:Level 3 Sentry
Weaponary: Twin-mounted Gatling guns and Rocket launcher
Without Wrangler shielding: 216

With Wrangler shielding: 648

Gatling guns

Damage: 16

Shots per second

  • Without Wrangler: 8
  • With Wrangler: 16

Average DPS

  • Without Wrangler: 128
  • With Wrangler: 256


Damage: 50-150 (Falloff is calculated from the distance of the Engineer to the target, not from the Sentry to the target)

Shots per second: 1/3 seconds (Slightly faster with the Wrangler)

For :icontanuki-legacy:

I'm just found out today that he's died at 25 January 2015 cuz of Leukemia :(
It happen so fast, I like his "Moments with Heavy" Videos. *sighs* Kitty0706 is the best GMod Maker which his videos makes me laugh and...I can't say much cuz I'm still crying

R.I.P Kitty0706 may your legacy live on
July 6th 1995 - January 25th 2015

Your videos would inspiring another GModers :(
  • Mood: Emotional
  • Watching: All R.I.P Kitty0706's videos


Fishing Time by DarkFox98
Cloud Farfang by DarkFox98
Bullet; BlackSINGLE CHARACTER With Color


DarkFox98's Profile Picture
Steven Chow
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Well, Hello I'm Darkfox98 My Real Name is Steven Chow
I live at Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia
I'm a Regular Senior High School Student from My Country
Well, I liked Digimon and RE Series^_^
I like making comics and arts

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Furfrou Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps

My Digimon OC
Drakamon PixelRen by luvini
DigiDex: Drakamon by DarkFox98
Drakamon by DarkFox98

Cloud from PKMNOcCrossing (Not using anymore)
Request- Cloud Button by Chabica

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