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Patamon ~ c: by AquaPatamon
by AquaPatamon

Nice:D Another version of Chibi Patamon^^ Since I'm like Patamon, Well just I want to say THIS IS A AWESOME ART I EVER SEEN!!! The most ...

OC Digimon - Ninjemon by AquaPatamon
by AquaPatamon

Cutey:3 It's reminds me to Gatomon but this one is very great one. Nice composition of color blue and white. She is a ninja digimon??? ...




TOI Ask Art 5 by DarkFox98
TOI Ask Art 5
Ask from :iconburlew:

Trevor: How do I look?

I kinda like this outfit X3

For :icontails-of-infinium:
HH App (The Camper Munty) by DarkFox98
HH App (The Camper Munty)
Name]: Munty
Age ]: 20
Species ]: Gray Wolf 
Birthday ]: 28 July
Gender ]: Male
Pronouns ]: He/Him
Sexual Orientation ]: Homosexual
Romantic Orientation ]: Homoromantic
Personality ]: +Sociable | +Brave | +Intelligent | -Silly | -Quick Tempered | -Flirtatious  |
Likes + Dislikes ]:
Likes: Nature, Food, Peaceful, Girls, Everything about adventure, Adventuring, Drinking Alcohol, Carfting
Dislikes: Mean person, Poisonous Stuff, Bad Trip, Getting homesick
Hobbies ]: Adventuring, Collecting stuff, Hiking, Socialize, Crafting
Hometown ]: Tulip
Backstory ]: Munty is a Camper who ever likes to stay outside instead the house, he like to adventuring since he was 10. His father is a great adventurer who already on his hobby for 50 years. His mother wanted him to be adventurer too so he could explore many things that he never know about it. When he's already 20 years old, Munty ask her permission to leave his hometown and his mom gave her permission and packing his stuff to the outside the world.
Roleplay Example ]: Munty walking around the hills looking at the beautiful sky, he also noticing that someone who also hiking at the same hill. He slowly apporaching him/her and waves at him/her, " are ya? Are you an adventurer too? He ask him/her
Preferred Roleplaying Methods ]: Skype, Comments, Notes | Lit, Semi-lit, script
[ Timezone ]: Indonesia Western Time Zone (UTC+07:00)

For :iconhighholt:
Search for the princess

“Coastilli? Never heard that until I have a mission to rescue the princess from the Coppertails. Well...what will they except when they face my bloody blade.” The dark Wulkin said as he finally arrived at Coastilli. Several days around the sea of Infinium make him bored but just sniffing the fresh air from Coastilli, makes him feel better, “Alright! Let’s do this!” He said as he walking around the city.

“Let’s see what some great spot to find her.” He said as he looking at the map since he got this from the port for free. (Yeah...he likes free stuff). After several search he find the casino to investigate, “Mostly rich guys like to play in here.” He said and walks in to the casino. Inside the casino, he looking at citizen playing some games but he only focused to find the princess. “Have you seen this lop before?” He ask the teller by showing the pic of the lop princess, “No! I haven’t see her in here.” The teller replies. “Ahhh...okay then.” He replies as he leaves the casino but he didn’t notice that he’s been tailed by Coppertails.

He looking around and found the factory, “According to the map, that must be an old factory. Well...fancy if the princess was there.” He said and walks to the factory to looking for the princess. But only found out he has been ambushed by the Coppertails, “GET THAT WULKIN!” The Coppertail yells to his team, “An ambush, heh?” The wulkin said as he draw his blade, “LET’S FIGHT!!!”

Battle with Coppertails

The Wulkin named  Trevor begin to slash his blade to incoming Coppertails, causing the Coppertails knocked back, “Damn! He’s too strong.” Another Coppertail said. “Well...who’s gonna be my next lunch?” He said as he unleash his “Beserk”, “IT’S KILLING TIME!!!” He said in anger as he glare them and makes them scared, “Oh god! RETREAT!” The Coppertail said and retreat for safety, “HEY! COME BACK HERE, LITTLE COWARD! I DIDN’T START PLAYING WITH YOU!” He shout until he back to his normal state, “Whew! And no princess in here.” He said but noticing the knocked Coppertail, “Hey you! You know where the princess is?” He ask him. “She’s at the warehouse. Have mercy.” The Coppertail said begging to free, “Alright! YOU’RE FREE!” Trevor said as he tossing The Coppertail to the sea.

-At The Warehouse-

“Well...what we gonna wait? Money from people of Asteros! Hahahaha!” The Coppertail Captain said to Princess Isabelle. “You never get your money! My men will defeat you!” She shout to him, “Owh...really? Until I kill them first for you.” He replies with devilish laugh.

-Outside The Warehouse-

Listen this while reading this

“This is the place!” Trevor is said as he walks in to the Warehouse. The Coppertails seems guarding the entire warehouse so it could be impossible to find the princess. “Darn it! Heavily guarded! Better need another plan to sneak in.” He said as he think how to find the princess, “Aha!” He said as he looking around as long as the Coppertail didn’t find him quickly.
After several minutes later, “BOSS! WE HAVE INTRUDERS!” The Coppertail said to his captain, “What kill him!” The captain said to him, “NO!” She should but turns out there’s an explosion and the Wulkin walks in, “What did I miss?” He ask the captain, “What? Who are you?” He ask the Wulkin with worried look, “Name is not important for now! HAND OVER THE PRINCESS!!!” He yells to him, “Not so fast!” The captain replies and whistle his hechmen, “Can you handle all my strong hechmen?” He ask him.

Battle with Coppertails

Trevor can’t belive it that he have been ambushed two times and now it’s time for some fun, “Hohohoho...We’ll find out!” He replies as he draw his blade and create a shockwave to get rid his hechmen, “Now you and me!” He taunts, “Grah! Fine! If you face your death!” Th captain replies and draw his sword. They battling with their skills and the result is...”Argh! How could you!” The captain said in corner. “Do I need said more because of this?” Trevor replies as he rescue the princess, “Thank you, Mr. Wulkin.” She replies with smiles, “Your welcome.” He replies as he bring her to the port and reach “Overturner”. “Stay here until I’ll take care another Coppertails.” He said as he leaves for another mission in Coastilli.
TOI Event VI (Crisis in Coastilli) Main Mission 1
Whew...finally I'm finished my first mission!

- 40 Silver Tokens
- 1 Red Token
- 1 Friend Token
- Brand new Outlaws Coat

For :icontails-of-infinium:
I'm just found out today that he's died at 25 January 2015 cuz of Leukemia :(
It happen so fast, I like his "Moments with Heavy" Videos. *sighs* Kitty0706 is the best GMod Maker which his videos makes me laugh and...I can't say much cuz I'm still crying

R.I.P Kitty0706 may your legacy live on
July 6th 1995 - January 25th 2015

Your videos would inspiring another GModers :(
  • Mood: Emotional
  • Watching: All R.I.P Kitty0706's videos
Trevor's Best Armory by DarkFox98
Trevor's Best Armory
Trevor: Welcome to my store, anything you need is available in here. But since I'm just open my store, my items has limited stock! So be the first to get one. :new: Hey! Another items coming! Like usual limited stock!

List of items: :new: 50% Weapon Price until 5/3/2015
1) The Ambassador (Pistol/Revolver): I can said that this gun could headshot someone in one shot but due lack of his accuracy, you better stay calm and keep steady
Cost: 25 Silver Coins
Stock: 5

2) Sharan Blade (Blade): Wow! I like this blade, it could slash anything in front of you. This could be a best blade for you.
Cost: 10 Silver Coins
Stock: 5

3) Uknown Jar (Other/Throwable): Well...someone want me to sold this jar, but I don't know how to use it? So you could figure it out. :new: I'll tell the secret, it's smelly but could put out fire and also reveal any cloaked enemies just don't use it as your prank weapon. They won't like it
Cost: 5 Silver Coins
Stock: 20

4) Eyelander (Sword): Rumors that this sword is possessed by dark demon, but not sure if that rumor is true. Just don't mess up with this sword.
Cost: 15 Silver Coins
Stock: 5

5) Titan Blade (Blade): This heavy blade is good for cutting trees and gores some enemies, this could be perfect for hardcore warrior!
Cost: 20 Silver Coins
Stock: 5

:new: 6) Revolver/Pistol Ammo (Ammunitions): Need some ammo for you revolver or pistol? I have some and has unlimited stock for this!
Cost: 5 Silver Coins for 5 bullets
Stock: Unlimited

:new: 7) Ammo Side Pack (Accesories): Can't hold much ammos? Well I have a quality sidepack for your problem ;)
Cost: 25 Silver Coins
Capacity: 100 bullets
Stock: 20

For :icontails-of-infinium:
I'm just found out today that he's died at 25 January 2015 cuz of Leukemia :(
It happen so fast, I like his "Moments with Heavy" Videos. *sighs* Kitty0706 is the best GMod Maker which his videos makes me laugh and...I can't say much cuz I'm still crying

R.I.P Kitty0706 may your legacy live on
July 6th 1995 - January 25th 2015

Your videos would inspiring another GModers :(
  • Mood: Emotional
  • Watching: All R.I.P Kitty0706's videos


Fishing Time by DarkFox98
Cloud Farfang by DarkFox98
Bullet; BlackSINGLE CHARACTER With Color


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Steven Chow
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Well, Hello I'm Darkfox98 My Real Name is Steven Chow
I live at Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia
I'm a Regular Senior High School Student from My Country
Well, I liked Digimon and RE Series^_^
I like making comics and arts

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Furfrou Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps

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Drakamon PixelRen by luvini
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Drakamon by DarkFox98

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