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Patamon ~ c: by AquaPatamon
by AquaPatamon

Nice:D Another version of Chibi Patamon^^ Since I'm like Patamon, Well just I want to say THIS IS A AWESOME ART I EVER SEEN!!! The most ...

OC Digimon - Ninjemon by AquaPatamon
by AquaPatamon

Cutey:3 It's reminds me to Gatomon but this one is very great one. Nice composition of color blue and white. She is a ninja digimon??? ...




Meet the Sniper (TF2) by DarkFox98
Meet the Sniper (TF2)
Claudius: "Look...what do you want from me? I have another job to do, I want to saving my family which they're wolves and my brother is missing. I don't know but I know someone just watching my progress and sent me this letter. *sighs* I wonder if I could my beloved brother and saving my family from blood thirsty hunters. I'm a hunter too but I'm a savior for my family. I guess...I'll join this thing and blees me my family.

For :icontf2rpg-mistymountain:
TF2 (Claudius) by DarkFox98
TF2 (Claudius)
Name: Claudius Farfang
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 150cm
Weight: 50kg
Nationality: Indonesian
Likes: Sniping, Wolves, Coffee, Food, Sleeping, His team, His weapons, Taunting, Howling
Hates: Spy (except if the Spy trying to make a friend with him), Lose on battle, Insulting about his life
Personality: Kind, Emotional, Smart, Agile, Skilled
History: TBA

Team: RED
Class: Sniper
Weapons :
- Primary: Sniper Rifle (Stock)
- Secondary: Submachine Gun (Stock)
- Melee: Kukri (Stock)

Random things:
- He's sleeping like a wolf
- Has a younger brother AF2 App Red (Cloud the Scout)
- His taunts sometimes using howls
TPWT App (Kenji) by DarkFox98
TPWT App (Kenji)

Actually is not open yet but making the app first, just making sure that I'll ready and prepared for next opening.

App for :icontotal-pokemon-island:

“If you want to know my name! Name is Kenji!” He said

Gender: "I’m a boy, a cool boy!”

Age: "I'm 17, but it doesn’t sweet 17!”

Birthday: "23 November!”

Personality: Kenji is a very smart and socialable Mightyena, but sometimes he likes to angry to the others if he’s on bad mood. He actually looking for friends because he’s friendless from his place. Anyway he’s always trying to make a friends but due his emotion, his friends sometimes kinda afraid and walking away from him.

History:  Kenji has been known as scholar boy when he was 13 but he can’t accept that because, he wants friends instead of knowledge. His decision make his father mad and forcing him to making money with friend, he become mindless until he found a show named TPWT. Soon he decided to join that show and proving his father that money also can’t made by making friends. But before he join the show, he’s still thinking that if he lose the show, does it means his father would punish him much? Taking the risk, he keeps joining the show and prove to his father.

Height:  155cm

Weight: 45kg

Strengths: Kenji is a strong Mightyena who can pass all obstacles without a problem, he sometimes to helping another pokemons who seems need a help.

Weaknesses: Talking about his weakness, if he making a mistake, he’ll lost his friend and unable to pass some obstacles due his panic and riskless in his life.

Hobby(s): “I like to chatting, cooking, sport, singing, and everything the most I like is playing games."

Quote: "Kindness is from your heart"

Accesories: "I’m just bringing my cellphone and my journal.”

Favourite Country: " don’t believe that...I’m from Indonesia.”

Why do you want to join TPWT: “I want to prove to my father that I could make money by making friends!”

He likes to making friends.
-He likes to getting drunk with his friends (If they want).
- He know all about games (Which is not important).
- He likes to writting his journal at the end of the day (Which started by saying, “Note to my self.”)
- He’s SO friendly but when h’s on bad mood, he’ll seriously high tempered.
- When he high tempered he likes to swearing (Which I’ll cencored).
PMD-D Rogue App (Leon) by DarkFox98
PMD-D Rogue App (Leon)
Name: Leon
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Umbreon
Nature/ Characteristic: Hardy/ High Tempered
Ability: Synchronize
- :iconnormaltypeplz:Slash
- :iconghosttypeplz: Shadow ball
- :iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Claw
- :iconnormaltypeplz: Provoke
Personality: Leon is cold hearted Umbreon after his parent died when he was still an Eevee, in his heart only revenge he only have, he sometimes being nice is someone is knowing his good side.
History: tba
- He sometimes likes to get drunk
- His weapon is his father only left belogings
- He sometime likes to sweaing so be careful

App for :iconpmd-discovery:
Cloud: *looking around* “Hmmm...looks like I’m gonna find her.”

After several search and asking the another mons.

Cloud: *looks at Lillipup* “ she?”
Rose: *looks at Mightyena and walks away*
Cloud: “Find her! Stop where you are!”
Rose: *starting to run away*
Cloud: “STOP!!!” *tackles her*
Rose: “Kya!!!” *falls down*
Cloud: “Gotcha!”
Rose: “What do you want from me?” *panicked*
Cloud: “I want you to escort you back to King Alaric.”
Rose: “But why?”
Cloud: “I wanted to know about that Swoobat, it’s secret!”
Rose: *sighs* “Fine...whatever I do just his idea.”
Cloud: “Let just the king gives you some choice.”

END of Mission
PoA Mission 5 (Capturig the Lady)
Simple and quick mission ^^"

For :iconpokemon-of-avalon:
Happy Birthday DA, wish you have some good update and including free membership

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pokemon by Mast3r-sword

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It was cool!

Nabile - Neopets by Daffupanda

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Chibi X3

Pokemon BW2 Crossover by firehorse6

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LOL Whut? O_o

Resident Hamster - Referenced by PrettyKitty

By :iconprettykitty:

Wonders if Hams on action!

Resident evil HTF style william birkin by Blamaxtric01

By :iconblamaxtric01:

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Fishing Time by DarkFox98
Cloud Farfang by DarkFox98
Bullet; BlackSINGLE CHARACTER With Color


DarkFox98's Profile Picture
Steven Chow
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Well, Hello I'm Darkfox98 My Real Name is Steven Chow
I live at Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia
I'm a Regular Senior High School Student from My Country
Well, I liked Digimon and RE Series^_^
I like making comics and arts

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This is my Adoptables

User of:
Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed
MS Paint User Stamp by KishiFishy

My Favorites (Pokemon Fans)
Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSan
Pokemon stamp by maxari4
Pokemon Stamp by SavannaH09
Fennekin Sneeze Stamp :3 by Heart-Stamp

Fennekin Fan
Fennekin Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps
Braixen Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps
Delphox Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps

Furfrou Fan
Furfrou Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps

My Digimon OC
Drakamon PixelRen by luvini
DigiDex: Drakamon by DarkFox98
Drakamon by DarkFox98

Cloud from PKMNOcCrossing
Request- Cloud Button by Chabica

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